2023 CS Halloween Party

The Computer Science Dept. Halloween party took place on Nov. 7.  The party, held at Professor Matthews’ house,  was fun and festive!
Check out these party pics!

outside decorations – spooky!
costume contest winners (L-R). Han Huynh, Beza Mengistu
costume contest winners (L-R). Han Huynh (Little Bo Peep), Beza Mengistu (spider hat!)
Group photo! (l-r). first row: Prof. Sprenkle, Xander, Han, Bianca, Naka, Carolyn, Prof. Matthews second row: Beza, Lakpa, Janeet, Brenda, Prof. Watson, Evan, Billy, Colin and Danish
Colin (or, Ken) and Billy (channeling Ted Lasso), chatting
Mark and Michelle show off their CS-themed costumes.


“Step Away from Your Screen” by CS Major Katie Yurechko ’24

Computer Science Major, Katie Yurechko, ’24,  provides a unique and compelling perspective on the use of social media in her feature “Step Away from Your Screen”.

Since this article was created exclusively for the Alumni Magazine,  it does not yet exist on the W&L website.  A  “go” link has been created that goes directly to Katie’s story via the ISSUU online platform flipbook.

Happy reading!https://go.wlu.edu/stepaway

P405 Computer Lab – New and Improved!

The CS Department completely renovated and refurbished its main computer lab over the summer.    This “active-learning first” classroom  is designed to maximize the educational experience!

wide view of the lab

another wide view of the lab

close up of a pod
TA helping students

2023 Summer Research Scholars

The Summer Research Scholars (SRS) program supports students participating in collaborative research supervised by W&L faculty. The program aims to encourage the development of research techniques within a particular discipline, to promote the active acquisition of knowledge, and to stimulate student interest in inquiry.

Here are the 2023  Computer Science Department SRS students,  their faculty supervisors and descriptions of their projects:

Professor Taha Khan:

Professor Khan had 3 SRS students this summer — Bianca Pham ’26, Sarah Lathrop ’25 and James Xia ’26.  All three worked on the same project that focused on understanding how Internet users perceive what should happen to their data post bereavement. They also supported my AIM cybersecurity experience.

Bianca Pham '26
Bianca Pham ’26
James Xia '26
James Xia ’26
Sarah Lathrop '25
Sarah Lathrop ’25
(L-R) Sarah, Bianca, James and Prof. Khan
(L-R) Sarah, Bianca, James and Professor Khan

Professor Sara Sprenkle:

Professor Sprenkle also had 3 Summer Research Scholars — Petra Ilic ’24, Lakpa Sherpa ’25 and Ignas Volcokas ’25.  Below are the details about their projects.

Petra Iliac '24
Petra Iliac ’24

Petra Ilic 24, “Paying Down Technical Debt in the Ancient Graffiti Project” The Ancient Graffiti project began in 2013 as an online tool to study the lives of the common people in ancient Rome. In the ten years since then, new features and content have been added—as well as technical debt. Petra focused on making the application easier to develop and maintain for the next ten years.

Lakpa Sherpa '25
Lakpa Sherpa ’25

Lakpa Sherpa 25, “Detecting Anomalous Behavior through Clustering WebApplication User Sessions”. More than 30% of web traffic is bots trying to collect data or perform attacks to prevent the smooth delivery of services. Lakpa developed an automated framework to explore clustering to identify anomalous behavior.

Ignas Volcakas '25
Ignas Volcakas ’25

Ignas Volcokas 25, “Generating Cost-Effective Test Cases for WebApplications using Genetic Algorithms.” Web applications are popular and must be reliable and therefore must be thoroughly tested before every release. Since testing takes time, we want to execute the most cost-effective test suites. Ignas explored a variety of test-suite generating algorithms, with a focus on genetic algorithms, and compared the effectiveness of the generated test suites.

2023 Computer Science Degrees, Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 Computer Science Majors and Minors for their outstanding achievements!   Their accomplishments, along with the accomplishments of certain CS undergraduates  are listed here, as they appear in the Commencement Bulletin.

2023 Graduates:

  • Abdelraham Hesham AboEitta – Bachelor of Science, Honors in Computer Science ( Thesis: “Hyperdimensional Computing for Gesture Recognitiion Using a Dynamic Vision Sensor”), Phi Beta Kappa; summa cum laude
  • Praise D. Apata – Bachelor of Science
  • Sujana Basnet- Bachelor of Science,  magna cum laude
  • Caleb Minjae Choe- Bachelor of Science
  • Madison E. Clubb- Bachelor of Arts
  • Peter McNulty Clyne- Bachelor of Science
  • Carson Brent Cooley- Bachelor of Science,  magna cum laude
  • Jared Alexander Cordova- Bachelor of Science
  • Harry Dodd Crutcher, Jr.- Bachelor of Science,  cum laude
  • Carl Lucas Erdmann- Bachelor of Arts
  • Ana Sophia Estrada Hamm- Bachelor of Arts,  Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
  • Dario Fumarola- Bachelor of Arts
  • Selihom Gobeze- Bachelor of Science
  • Daniel Kenji Kung- Bachelor of Science
  • Leslie Taylor Le- Bachelor of Science
  • Grace Murphy MacDonald- Bachelor of Science,  Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
  • Nobel Sintayehu Manye- Bachelor of Science
  • Sarah Louise Martin- Bachelor of Science
  • Ryan Davis Messick- Bachelor of Arts
  • Cong Danh Nguyen- Bachelor of Science, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Nicholas Q. Nguyen- Bachelor of Science
  • Mesoma Ifechukwu Okolocha- Bachelor of Science
  • Robert Warren Seeds- Bachelor of Science
  • Jorge Baunner Soto-Ventura- Bachelor of Arts
  • Nicholas Ransom Steinert- Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude
  • Robert Taylor Tucker- Bachelor of Science, cum laude
  • Virginia Slater Weston- Bachelor of Science
  • Colin James Whiting- Bachelor of Science, cum laude
  • Yoseph W. Wolde- Bachelor of Arts

Fellowships Received:

  • Ana Sophia Estrada Hamm ’22 – Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Israel

Departmental Awards:

  • Carson Brent Cooley- The Luther Seevers Birely Scholarship
  • Kathryn Marie Yurechko ’24- The James McDowell Scholarship
  • Grace Murphy MacDonald – The Computer Science Department Award
  • Nobel Sintayehu Manaye- The H. Thomas Williams, Jr. Undergraduate Research Award
  • Mesoma Ifechukwu Okolocha- Senior Bonner Scholars
  • Jackson Jacobs ’24- Richard Miller Cross Country Award

2022 PBK initiates from the Computer Science Department

Here are the CS Dept. student inductees from the Class of 2022 and 2023 for the Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Society of Cincinnati:

Sam Bluestone
Ana Estrada Hamm
Haochen Tu

Abdel AboEitta


Just released — W&L After Class Podcast featuring Professor Khan!

Washington and Lee’s Office of Lifelong Learning has a podcast “W&L After Class” where you can hear from various faculty members about a wide variety of topics they have expertise in.

In Season 3, Taha Khan, assistant professor of computer science  at W&L, discusses his research on computer security, privacy and human-computer interaction — including cybercrime.

Protect Yourself!

A Discussion About Cybersecurity with Taha Khan

Recorded Jan. 11, 2022
Aired Feb. 8, 2022

listen to the podcast at this link: https://washingtonandlee.podbean.com/e/script-kiddies-and-the-evolution-of-cybercrime/

Highlighting CS Professor, Cody Watson’s publication

Cody Watson, an assistant professor of W&L Computer Science Department, has published a paper in the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) .  ICSE is the top conference in software engineering.

Learn more about Prof. Watson’s paper — “On Learning Meaningful Assert Statements for Unit Test Cases” here.


Welcoming Professor Taha Khan to the CS Department

Taha Khan joined W&L’s Computer Science Department as an assistant professor during the 2020-21 academic year.  His research focuses on computer security, privacy and human-computer interaction, including cybercrime, commercial VPN services privacy, and privacy-centric management of longitudinal data in the personal cloud.

Click on the link to learn more about Professor Khan!


2020 Computer Science Degrees, Scholarships, Prizes and Awards

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 Computer Science Majors and Minors for their outstanding achievements!

2020 Graduates:

KELLY ANNE AMAR (’20) – Bachelor of Arts
GEORGE BERNARD BARKER (’20) – Bachelor of Science, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
LOGAN McCRAY BRAND (’20) – Bachelor of Science
JOSEPH LEO CALIHAN III (’20) – Bachelor of Science
WILL HARRIS CLARK(’20) – Bachelor of Arts , cum laude
RYAN NICOLAS COMPOLI (’20) – Bachelor of Science
PHILIP BENJAMIN DAVIS (’20) – Bachelor of Arts
ANGELA VERGARA DELOS REYES (’20) – Bachelor of Arts
MATTHEW MICHAEL DODSON (’20) – Bachelor of Science, cum laude
ZACHARY COLE FRANCIS (’20) – Bachelor of Arts
COLLIN REID GLATZ (’20) – Bachelor of Arts, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
EMILY FRANCES HAGEBOECK (’20) – Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude
KATHERINE POTTER HAMILL (’20) – Bachelor of Science, cum laude
JULIO CESAR HIDALGO LOPEZ (’20) – Bachelor of Science
MARSHALL McCALL HOWERTON (’20) – Bachelor of Arts
NGUYEN KHOI KIEU (’20) – Bachelor of Science, cum laude
ALLIE RENEE LEFKOWITZ (’20) – Bachelor of Arts, cum laude
BRIAN M. LEGARTH (’20) – Bachelor of Science
RYAN CAMPBELL LESHER (’20) – Bachelor of Science, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
RUINAN LIU (’20) – Bachelor of Science, cum laude
MAXWELL JAMES MASAITIS (’20) – Bachelor of Science, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
WILLIAM ALLEN McCANN, JR. (’20) – Bachelor of Science
ABIGAIL KATHLEEN NASON (’20) – Bachelor of Science, Honors in Computer Science, (Thesis: “Generating Enjoyable Playlists Using Music Similarity and the A* Algorithm”), Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
JUSTIN KAROL PUSZTAY (’20) – Bachelor of Science, cum laude
BETHANY ROSE REITSMA (’20) – Bachelor of Arts, cum laude
EMILY CHRISTINE ROCHE (’20) – Bachelor of Science
MICHAEL GRIFFIN SCOTT (’20) – Bachelor of Science
SHEPHERD MILLS SIMS (’20) – Bachelor of Science
TREVOR WAYNE STALNAKER (’20) – Bachelor of Science, Honors in Computer Science, (Thesis: “Procedural Generation of Metroidvania-Style Levels”), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
CHRISTOPHER BOYD SURRAN II (’20) – Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude
ANDREW JAMES DEVITT TAYLOR (’20) – Bachelor of Science
MITCHELL COOPER THOMAS (’20) – Bachelor of Arts, cum laude
JAMES DAVID WILSON (’20) – Bachelor of Science

Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

EMILY FRANCES HAGEBOECK (’20) – William D. McHenry Female Scholar-Athlete Award, Outstanding Women’s Swimming Award

JULIO CESAR HIDALGO LOPEZ (’20) – The James Jinkins Livesay, M.D. Premedical Award

ABIGAIL KATHLEEN NASON (’20) – The Computer Science Department Award

BETHANY ROSE REITSMA (’20) – The Washington and Lee University Orchestra Award, The John and Mimi Elrod Fellowship

ANGELA VERGARA DELOS REYES (’20) – The Studio Thesis Award

EMILY CHRISTINE ROCHE (’20) – Most Valuable Player Award (Women’s Soccer)

TREVOR WAYNE STALNAKER (’20) – The Franklin Society Scholarship, The Computer Science Department Award