Students Present Research at SSA

Several computer science students participated in W&L’s student conference SSA: Science, Society, and the Arts.

At the second poster session of the day, David Margolies ’12 presented his work with Professor Levy in an independent study he did in the fall. The poster’s title was “Robot Vision and Object Tracking”.

David is in the top right of the picture, in a dark coat and blue tie.

Also in that session, Lucy Simko ’11 and Anna Pobletts ’12 presented their poster on their automated web application testing research with Professor Sprenkle called “An analysis of the relationship between parameter characteristics and data model factors to automatically create effective test suites for web applications”. Whew! What a title!

In the picture below, Anna (teal) and Lucy (to the right) explain their project to curious minds.

Will Richardson ’11 and Chen Zhong ’12 presented their summer research project that was advised by Professor Stough: “Visual Object Class Recognition”.

At the afternoon poster session, Camille Cobb ’12 presented her research poster on “Toward a User-Session-Dependency Model for Automatically Testing Web Applications” that she is working on with Professor Sprenkle. Camille will be presenting a similar poster at the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing at the beginning of April.

CS Students Present at SSA

Nine students presented their computer science projects at SSA, the W&L student research conference.

Two groups of students gave presentations. Senior Alex Jackson presented his research on “Parallel Computing in the Python Programming Language”, while Junior Bena Tshishiku, Sophomores Jack Ivy and Will Richardson, and first-year Eric Gehman presented their SLogo project, from the CS209: Software Development course.

The SLogo team presented their application in the morning.
The SLogo team (Jack, Eric, Bena, and Will) presented their application in the morning.
A Screenshot from the SLogo Demo
A Screenshot from the SLogo Demo

Three groups of students presented posters.

Anne presents Duo to a fellow student
Senior Anne Van Devender presents her pair-programming tool, Duo, to another student
Nicole and Josiah pose for the camera
Senior Nicole Carter and junior Josiah Davis presented their Web-based Symbolic Logic Tutorial.
Sophomore Lucy Simko presented her research on automatically generating test cases for web applications.
Sophomore Lucy Simko presents her work on automatically generating test cases for web applications

Video: Nicole and Josiah discuss their Symbolic Logic Tutorial Web Applications
Video: Lucy discusses her web application testing project

CS Students to Present @ SSA

Science, Society, and the Arts ( conference has been scheduled for FEBRUARY 27, 2009. Computer Science students will be presenting as follows:

8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Poster Session I
Location: Science Center Great Hall
“Duo: An Integrated Development Environment Designed for Pair Programming”
Anne Van Devender

“Web-based Logic Tutorial”
Nicole Carter and Josiah Davis

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., Studies in Math, Computer Science and Science
Location: Reid Hall 111
“Parallel Computing in the Python Programming Language”
Alexander Jackson

“SLogo Drawing Software”
Eric Gehman, John Ivy, William Richardson, Bena Tshishiku

2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Poster Session II
Location: Science Center Great Hall
“An Empirical Study of Statistical Data Models for Effective Automated Testing of Web Applications”
Lucy Simko